U.S. Payroll and Canadian Payroll cannot be activated in the same data

If eTransmit is integrated with both US payroll and Canadian Payroll in the same set of data, payroll calculation will not work correctly. This is a problem between the add in techniques of eTransmit and internal issues with Payroll. If you have US Payroll and Canadian Payroll active in the same data, you must choose only one payroll for eTransmit. You can change the eTransmit integration options using the Integration tab in the Options form.

Changing integration options requires a desktop refresh

If you change any integration options using the eTransmit Options form, you MUST exit the System Manager and restart it before doing any other work in Sage 300. Without refreshing the System Manager Desktop in the way, unpredictable results may occur in other Sage 300 modules.

After deactivating eTransmit ACCPAC, modules do not work correctly

If you deactivate eTransmit or change any eTransmit integration options, you must:

·         Make sure all users are logged out of System Manager before making the change.

·         Deactivate eTransmit or change integration options as required.

·         Close the System Manager and restart.

If you do not follow these steps, eTransmit will be deactivated while the System Manager still believes it is active. Unpredictable result may occur.

How to test if your MAPI based fax is compatible with eTransmit

eTransmit is compatible with most MAPI based fax system. To test if your fax system is compatible with eTransmit, perform the following steps:

·         Make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.05 or higher installed.

·         Create or locate an Adobe PDF format file to fax.

·         Start your email program and create a new email message.

·         Send the message to a fax by entering the fax number as the email address in the following form:
[FAX: xxx-xxx-xxxx] where xxx-xxx-xxxx is the phone number of the fax machine you want to receive
the test fax.

·         Attach the test PDF file as a file attachment to the message.

·         Send the message.

If the message and the attached file is received by the fax machine you specified, your system is compatible with eTransmit.

If the file is not received, you will need to have your system administrator address whatever issues are required to get the above procedure to work before sending faxes with eTransmit.

Data Integrity Error: Matching EMail record for customer is missing

If you are using another 3rd party product that accesses customer records through ODBC, you may encounter data integrity problems with eTransmit if a customer record is added or deleted using the 3rd party product. When a record is added or deleted using the 3rd party product, the equivalent record is not deleted in eTransmit causing the data integrity error shown above. To fix, simply run Data Integrity in Administrative Services and fix all errors. This will delete or add the customer records as required in eTransmit.

Installation on Windows Terminal Server or Citrix Metaframe

To install eTransmit on a Windows Terminal Server or Citrix Metaframe, proceed as you would with any other application. After the program has been installed, you must deal with the Crystal Reports files that are added by eTransmit.

Crystal Reports uses a folder called CRYSTAL that is under the WINDOWS or WINNT folder. This folder is where Crystal Reports puts various drivers and export DLL’s for the whole system. This is meant to be a system wide folder but due to Terminal Server/Citrix’s ability to share the WINDOWS/WINNT folder with multiple users, the system cannot find the CRYSTAL folder files without additional configuration.

There are many methods of addressing this issue with Crystal Reports. Crystal Decisions recommends in a technote that you copy the CRYSTAL folder files to the folder of the application (ACCPAC’s RUNTIME folder). Or you can copy the CRYSTAL folder files to a CRYSTAL folder under each user’s private WINDOWS folder. Another method is to copy the CRYSTAL folder files to the SYSTEM32 folder.

You will need to decide which method is appropriate to your installation and implement it in order to run ACCPAC Advantage on a Terminal Server/Citrix machine. Once you have installed eTransmit, you will need to repeat the procedure you used for the CRYSTAL folder files because the eTransmit install program adds new files and updates other files in the CRYSTAL folder.