frequently asked questions
Is eTransmit compatible with all editions of Sage 300?

eTransmit is compatible with all editions of Sage 300 including Standard, Advanced, and Premium for Microsoft SQL Server.

What is the difference between the demo and the full product?

The downloadable demo is a time limited trial that will expire 30 days after it has been installed. It is fully functional during the 30 day trial period.

If I activated the demo with my data, will I lose any of my email and fax information when I install the full product?

No,  the 30 day trial can be activated by purchasing a full installation license. The activation process does not require a reinstallation of the software. All data entered during the trial period will be accessible when the full license is purchased and installed.

If I activate eTransmit in my data to try it out, can I remove it later?

Yes, under most circumstances you can deactivate eTransmit. There is a function under setup that will deactivate the program and remove it from your data. However, if you have other add ins activated in your data it may not be possible to safely remove eTransmit. If this is the case, the deactivate icon will not run and will report that it is not safe to deactivate.

Can I add more form types to the program or do I have to wait for an upgrade?

Each form type (i.e. invoices, statements etc) is hand coded to work within eTransmit. We have plans to add more form types in future versions.

Will eTransmit allow me to setup default settings for new customers, employees, vendors or ship to addresses?

Yes, eTransmit 2.1 provides default settings in the Options icon.

With the new features, will eTransmit cost more?

No, eTransmit 2.1 is the same price as the previous version.

Do I need to purchase LanPaks for eTransmit?

No, eTransmit uses the LanPaks that you have already installed for your System Manager. eTransmit will support as many users as your edition of Sage 300 will support.

What fax services does eTransmit support?

eTransmit supports Winfax 9.0 or newer, Windows 2000 Fax Service, Windows XP Fax Service, Windows 2003 Server Shared Fax with Windows XP Fax Client and any MAPI compatible fax server. Please see the eTransmit Technotes for a procedure to test your MAPI compatible fax server to see if your fax server is compatible with eTransmit.